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The Story of Marley's

Below is the story of Marley's, this is based on a true story,  however some of the facts & names have been amended for your entertainment.

Marley's Sweets – How it all began....


Grandad was busy working at home in his kitchen making the next batch of Cola Bottles to sell on his market stall when there was a knock at the door.


Gracie went to the door to see who it was, it was Marley with his mum, in they came and were quickly greeted by Poppy the dog.


After taking their coats and shoes off they went into the kitchen to see grandad. “Grandad, what are you doing?” asked Marley, grandad replied “Making some cola bottles for the market on Saturday”, “Can I help grandad?” asked Marley.

“You are a bit little to help but you can watch if you like” replied grandad.


Grandad got a little stool out for Marley to stand on and watch as he got on with making the Cola Bottles. Marley was fascinated by all the different tubs and bottles on the side with all the flavourings and other ingredients in.


Ring ring, “oh the phone is ringing, stay there and don't touch anything” said grandad.


A few minutes later grandad came back into the kitchen and just as he told him to Marley was stood still on the stool.


After scratching his head for a moment trying to remember where he was up to in the recipe grandad carried on making the cola bottles.


After the cola bottles had cooled down and set firmly grandad tipped them out into their special tubs ready for the market. As with all batches he would always try one to make sure they were the best they could be. However after putting one into his mouth he realised these didn't taste like his regular cola bottles and in fact it tasted like juicy green apples.


From this day on Marley's Confectionery produces all your favourite sweets but with mixed up flavours.

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